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The Sustainable Life

            Welcome again to the message from Shepherd’s Hill Homestead. We are glad that you stopped by today. I pray that your life will be changed by the Word of God and that as you seek Him you will grow more like Christ. Today I am looking at a term that is very popular in many circles. The term is sustainable. Occasionally, we hear buzz words that someone coins and then everyone seems to use them in their vocabulary. A while back I started hearing the word “robust” in some technology forums. Once it started it was as if no one had ever used it before and like wildfire it took off! Networks were robust. Computers were robust! It became a joke because everyone was saying it.             Well, I want … Read entire article »

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          Hello again and greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. We are glad that you stopped by today. This week I want to look at a topic in the Word that all of us have to deal with-authority. We can grow up to be adults and think we are living as God wants us to but in reality be very off course. Why do I say this? It’s because Christians seem to fall into trouble from not complying with authority. Dealing with leadership goes against our flesh. We want to be in charge and have the say in matters that deal with our lives. Many people balk at taking orders. But, as we will see it is the will of God to be obedient to the layers … Read entire article »

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