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Water Deeply

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Welcome again to the message. Last week I went over a story in the Bible that I mentioned might be a little basic and that it would be easy to miss the depth in it. It was about David and Goliath. This week I’m looking at another basic story in the Bible-the story of the flood and of Noah. Turn with me to Genesis chapter five. In this chapter we find the heritage of Noah from Adam. At this early time in man’s history you will see that men lived for hundreds of years. Many people don’t believe this as it doesn’t fit into their theory of evolution. They think that man is evolving and growing longer years and living healthier lives. On the contrary-man lived much longer before the flood. … Read entire article »

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Before Goliath

  We’re in 1 Samuel 17 today.  We are looking at a story in the bible today that is very basic, very elementary in a lot of levels but consequently we overlook some of the depth in those stories.  In most Children’s Bibles there are ten to twelve common stories that we pick out for children.  A lot of times we look at them as a parent and forget that there is a lot of depth to them.  As we look at this story – don’t put it off that you don’t need to pay attention but think “What do I need to get from this today”.  I would dare to say that the children’s Bible stories are basic to Christianity and are not just simple children stories.  The story we are … Read entire article »

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