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Big News

March 30, 2011

” Big News”

As I write this, the time is 9:45pm and my beautiful wife is deep asleep in the bed. I should be too, however I felt like staying up a little later and writing this blog. As many know, many things have changed in our new family. I’ll try to recap the best I can in the long, long overdue update.

First things first, the BIG news. We are expecting our first child on September 12th. Erin is just over four months along. Erin and I are very excited, yet also scared to some degree. I do know this, God’s timing is perfect on the birth of this little one. Our small fears are nothing in His greater knowledge and plan. We will confide in Him as we patiently await these next 5 months to pass by. We have played a bit with names and we have the crib ready to go. The thought of being a father is amazing. Knowing that God has in-trusted you to care for a newborn is incredible. Not only just to care for, but also to raise a child in the knowledge and fear of Almighty God. To teach a child right from wrong and to be a shining example of what is right and holy. To rest upon the Bible and point to the cross and the Blood of Christ for salvation. As I sit here and think about it, the honor vested on Erin and myself is really beyond all I can tell. I was thinking the other day at work about how parents hope the child exceeds themselves in status and earthly gain. My prayer is my child exceeds me in Godliness, the he or she exceeds me in the knowledge of scripture. That he or she is closer to God than I am. Sure, I would love to see my child become a better blacksmith than me, or a better carpenter than me(easily done). However, if my child becomes a better Christian than me, I will know I have succeeded as a parent. We ask for your prayers in this time of great joy and the many, many months to follow. Pray that Erin will have a good remainder of her pregnancy and a safe delivery. Then we will need your prayers the most, as the years roll by.

Secondly, Erin and I celebrated our One Year anniversary together. For me its hard to believe we are past the one year mark in our marriage, but also how fast the years have come. I find it crazy that I have known her for four years now. I feel like it was yesterday we were talking at SIFAT, as best friends about some preacher in Florida with tattoos -which was three years ago. We have just returned from our late anniversary getaway to the Smokey Mountains. The trip was wonderful and relaxing. Seeing the old houses and tools was also very inspiring. Everyday I wake up and go to bed thinking how much I love Erin and how much she means to me. God could not have made a more perfect woman for me and I thank Him everyday for sending her my way.

As we are expecting a baby, things around our place have switched into high gear. We’ve just planted some lettuce and onions and we wait for the next few weeks to start planting our summer crops. With the tough task of creating our raised beds finished, we are now focusing on really expanding our garden. With gas and food prices rising, we really cannot afford to NOT use what God has given us. We’ve got the long overdue porch done over our back door and I’ve finished my blacksmithing shed. I hope to complete my forge Saturday and have it up and running by next Monday. Next, will come the chicken pen and a small pasture.

Well, the time has come for me to retire to bed. Before I do, a line out of one of my favorite hymns has come to my mind.

“And Give God the glory, Great things he has done!”

Please keep us in your prayers,

The Robinsons


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"Why art thou cast down, O my soul? and why art thou disquieted within me? hope thou in God: for I shall yet praise him, who is the health of my countenance, and my God." Psalms 42:11

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