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Big News

March 30, 2011 ” Big News” As I write this, the time is 9:45pm and my beautiful wife is deep asleep in the bed. I should be too, however I felt like staying up a little later and writing this blog. As many know, many things have changed in our new family. I’ll try to recap the best I can in the long, long overdue update. First things first, the BIG news. We are expecting our first child on September 12th. Erin is just over four months along. Erin and I are very excited, yet also scared to some degree. I do know this, God’s timing is perfect on the birth of this little one. Our small fears are nothing in His greater knowledge and plan. We will confide in Him as we … Read entire article »

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The Root

Hello and welcome to the message of the week. Sometimes we have problems in life but the obvious answer isn’t the correct one. Our intent may be to truly find a solution but without experience or the right wisdom, we may (as we say in the South) bark up the wrong tree. Today, we are going to look at problems and solutions. Recently, I had a plumbing problem. The problem appeared as a leak in the girls shower. I have some experience in faucet repair plus a good Ace hardware available where the sales people are actually, plumbers, electricians, etc. I can carry a part in and they usually help me understand what I need to fix it. I took the faucet apart and noticed dirt in the seats, so I … Read entire article »

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Enjoy the Fruit

          Welcome to the message from Shepherd’s Hill. Thank you for stopping by this week. The message this week is meant to be thought provoking for your spiritual walk. We have been very busy with our garden and it has produced in banner amounts. Angie and the girls have been busy canning, freezing and drying food. When I come home in the evenings I usually work until bedtime with things. Of course, in the heat of the day none of us work outside. I was off today and started early to clear some brush that was hiding an elderberry we could barely spot. I was determined to get as much done as I could before the heat stopped me. Sometimes it just seems that I can’t get everything done.           As … Read entire article »

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         Welcome to all in the name of Jesus Christ. It’s great to be with you one more week and to be able to share the testimony of His saving power. I have been in the garden today and spent a few hours in the heat. It got unbearable so I decided to come in. God is so good to give us air conditioning! When I was young we didn’t have it. But now that I am used to it I don’t know how I would be able to stand the heat.           My message will be on friends this week and what the Word says about it. I got signed up with Facebook about six months ago and was able to reconnect with some people I knew in High School … Read entire article »

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