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Faith Like Potatoes

May 12, 2010 –

“Faith Like Potatoes???”

Lessons in life come in all forms of shapes and sizes.  Some are good. Some are bad and some just seem hard to learn and accept. Example: Do not lean back in a chair or you could fall backwards. That is a lesson I have yet to learn fully. I am beginning the writing of this blog from my desk at Sifat and have just once again remembered that lesson the hard way. I am alright and besides a good laugh at myself, nothing is hurt.

 Lately I have been thinking about the lessons God has been teaching me slowly. Erin and I have been married for over five months now and that is incredible considering how short these five months have been. I feel that God has taught me some valuable things through the garden we have worked so hard to have. I have always liked to garden some (mostly just the easy stuff). However in the past few months my interest in gardening has increased many times over. Very few things trump working hard to create a space for a garden, then getting the soil right until ultimately seeing a small plant rise out of the ground. As one of my co-workers and friend talked one time, there are very few things you can do yet be close to God. The saying, “You can till the earth, plant and water the seed, but only God can make it grow” really speaks volumes to my mind and heart. We can do everything the seed needs, but we cannot make it grow without God’s touch neither can we hurry it along. I have seen this much more clearly since planting a garden. It is just one of the many lessons God can show through a simple garden, besides seeing the wonders and excitement from the garden itself. God has brought a few of these thoughts to my heart.

 The first example is exciting and incredible and really speaks to me. A few months back, in the middle of all our work to get a place to garden, Erin brought home a few bags of seed potatoes. I don’t know about the mind of anyone else, but when she started talking about where to put them, I was mostly uninterested. I remember saying something to the tune of, “I don’t really care for planting Potatoes, because we can get so much more for less money planting Squash or Tomatoes.” Crazy how God turned something so uninteresting to me into a powerful lesson. Well, she wanted to plant them in our newly created raised beds and once again wanting to save those beds for something more profitable we finally decided to try something else. Mrs. Angie told us we could use black trash bags to grow them in and thinking how cool that would be we did. We spent an evening cutting holes for drainage and filling the bags with dirt, after which we put in the potatoes. I still remember how I probably annoyed my wife with my disinterest. Well, it rained just about every other day during this time, was cold and as the weeks passed, a quick look proved what we already thought. Our potatoes were becoming soft and rotting. We planned on one day going out and removing the ugly trash bags form our yard, however we didn’t have the time so another week or two passed. Then one evening when we both were home we went to look again. We were amazed to find a potato leaf poking through the soil, then we looked closer and it wasn’t just one bag, but several bags had little leafs springing up through the soil. I think we were going to Bible Study that night and I remember being more excited than anything in the rest of our garden.

 To make a long story short, we moved the potatoes into an old kiddie pool and they are doing great and becoming big. I just looked at them this morning totally amazed at what we had almost given up hope on. The lesson God has placed on my heart through all of this is things do not work on our time table. This is a lesson that I myself have had a hard time learning for many years and constantly try to improve on. God does things at the moment he chooses, even though we gripe and complain. The potatoes have shown me that our faith should not waver just because things are not on time or look hopeless. I believe that most Christians don’t have a problem with faith. The problem is that we have faith that God will do it, when WE want him too. Then when he does not do it on our time frame, we grumble, gripe and become hopeless. We need to know that God knows the best for us, and won’t give in to our grumbling and griping when it isn’t time or it would have been less prosperous for us. We need to learn and have patience. All in all, it reminds of me a good song, “Here comes Jesus right on Time”. God is always right on time!

Also of note, a week and a half ago we harvested the first fruit we have had since we were married – a bowl of delicious Romaine lettuce, which was very tasty on the tacos we had that night!

Keep us in your prayers and God Bless,

Andy and Erin


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"Why art thou cast down, O my soul? and why art thou disquieted within me? hope thou in God: for I shall yet praise him, who is the health of my countenance, and my God." Psalms 42:11

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