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Lesson 1 – Monday Wash Day

 The word “wife” appears 407 times in the KJV of the Holy Bible.  The Hebrew word is ‘ishshah. Strong’s Concordance defines as: 1. Woman, wife, female       woman (opposite of man)       wife (woman married to a man)       female (of animals)       each, every (pronoun)   This is a pretty generic definition of the word, isn’t it?  The first use of the word “wife” is in Gen 2:24 “Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.” It is interesting to me that this is the scripture telling us that a wife is to become ONE flesh with her husband.   In the New Testament – the Greek – the word for wife is gyn?. Strong’s Concordance defines as: 1.  A woman of any age, whether a virgin, … Read entire article »

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 This is a Bible Study on Being a Godly Wife.  I am excited about what the Lord is doing in the lives of His daughters.  I believe that more and more women are realizing that the lies the devil has perpetrated against women in the form of women’s lib and feminism are just that – LIES.  As women begin to see that their roles as Godly wives and mothers are vital to the health of the Body ofChrist, they desire to learn the “whys and wherefores” of their role.  There have been numerous books published that have points of truth in them, but they also include worldly attitudes and motives that should be abhorrent to the woman of God. This Bible Study is going to be just that – a BIBLE study.  … Read entire article »

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