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The Chicken Coop

Olivia collecting eggs via the hatch! The New Chicken Coop Finally open for business 🙂     This is the new chicken coop – the first part of the new barn to be completed. I cannot tell you how happy we were after almost three months of having our chickens in temporary housing to finally put them in their new home.  Out to the left is their outside area which is surrounded by poultry wire to give them a safe place to scratch and peck in the outside.  The new barn is being constructed inside the perimeters of the pasture so once the fencing is done and the gates are up, the chickens will be able to free range in the pasture.  Paul’s Invention – A Hatch to get to the nests Using this we do … Read entire article »

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The New Garden – in Mellow Valley

We are well into April and the urge to get into the garden is overwhelming.  Our new farm is a learning experience from beginning to end and I must admit that I love the challenge.  For many years I have been use to the typicalAlabamaclay soil for gardening in but our new home has much better structure in the soil – more of a sandy loam. When we came to view the place for the first time we brought with us a shovel.  Yes, we went out into the yard and garden areas and dug holes to see what kind of soil the place would have.  Then and only then did we actually begin discussions on buying the place.  For a family that is very connected to the land, the house … Read entire article »

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