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What’s for Dinner?

  There is a scripture passage that I was thinking about this week. It is in Proverbs 23.  Please turn with me to this chapter. Verses 1 through 8 are speaking in terms of eating, food and appetites. I enjoy the analogy of this as it makes a lot of sense. As always, let us break it down into manageable bites (no pun intended) so that we can digest it properly (ok, maybe some pun there). You know, there is nothing more satisfying at the end of the day than a good, hearty meal. My beautiful wife always has two things for me as I come home. First, as I get out of the car she comes to me (usually barefoot) and greets me. The second thing she does is that she … Read entire article »


What’s for Dinner?

  There is a scripture passage that I was thinking about this week. It is in Proverbs 23.  Please turn with me to this chapter. Verses 1 through 8 are speaking in terms of eating, food and appetites. I enjoy the analogy of this as it makes a lot of sense. As always, let us break it down into manageable bites (no pun intended) so that we can digest it properly (ok, maybe some pun there). You know, there is nothing more satisfying at the end of the day than a good, hearty meal. My beautiful wife always has two things for me as I come home. First, as I get out of the car she comes to me (usually barefoot) and greets me. The second thing she does is that she … Read entire article »


Big Fish Story

Our message this week is about a big fish. As a child I always got excited when I heard of the fishermen in the Bible. My Daddy and Uncle Bobby would often come home with buckets of fish and we’d have a fish fry. Often, I would go with them and “help” bring them in. It was always fun to see these two siblings chide each other as to who caught the biggest one. Of course, there was always a tale of the one that got away. Sometimes there would be evidence of a broken pole or a bent hook and our eyes would widen! But never has there been such as tale as the one … Read entire article »

Into the Fire

  I often look at current events in our world and try to make sense out of them. There is always some senseless crime committed that confirms the sinful nature of man. I have lived long enough to see our society call good evil and evil good. Things that were once done out of respect for Christians has turned into mockery. Shameful things that were done in the past are now applauded. Anyone who mentions something being morally wrong is called narrow minded, judgmental and legalistic. Denominations of the Christian church that stood as pillars are now removing standards for acceptance in a world that we are to be in, but not of. I have spent a … Read entire article »

Walking like Abraham

You know life is funny. You think you have your life planned out. You think that the path your future will take is so sure. I think back to 2006 when I had just graduated high school. My path was crystal clear. I would find a job for the summer and then start a new part time job in the fall when my college classes would start. I would go to community college for two years before transferring to a large university to finish up my degree to become a meteorologist. Ha thinking about it makes me want to smack myself in the face and laugh at how crazy that sounds now. God had other … Read entire article »

The Power of the Holy Spirit

  This week I wanted to talk about the special presence of God through His Holy Spirit and how certain men and women are touched. We often read about individuals in the Scripture who stand out from the rest. During the history of Israel, there were leaders, prophets, kings and judges, who had special abilities to do their jobs for God’s glory. If you will think back from your Bible studies you will remember those such as Moses, Abraham, David, Samson, Deborah, and Elijah, just to name a few. In these men and women God granted His Holy Spirit to give supernatural ability to lead Israel. These few people were individually blessed at their particular time in … Read entire article »

Don’t Water the Weeds!

  I was working in the garden last week and the Lord gave me this week’s title to go on. Let’s see where He takes us.Turn with me to 2nd Samuel chapter 11. This is the story of David and Bathsheba. For a bit of background, at this point in David’s life he has struggled and is finally where God was leading him as King of Israel. If you will remember, his life started out as a shepherd working for his father. His older brothers had gone off to war. He was sent to take them food and arrived on the battlefield just as the giant, Goliath, challenges Israel. Even though there were many trained soldiers there, … Read entire article »

Good Enough

  I was at a business meeting this week and one of the supervisors quoted something that really has me thinking. It was supposed to be dealing with the performance of an employee but I try really hard during the work-week to hear God speak on Spiritual matters. He said two sentences. The first one was, “What was good enough in the past is not good enough for today”. Think about that for just a moment with me. We know that as sinners in a broken relationship with God, we need a Savior to repair that gap.   According to Isaiah 64:6, our righteousness, the very best that we have to offer, is as filthy rags to God. … Read entire article »

The Perfect Church

          I had a dream one night many years ago. It was about harmony in the church. Since God revealed that to me it seems to be the devils button to push to upset me. You know what I’m talking about, right? We all have an issue that gets us stirred up and the enemy knows it. He hits us there every chance that he can. Well, my button is disharmony in the Body of Christ.           I drive around the state we live in and see all types of Christian churches and it makes me wonder how the world perceives us. Do they think we are all against each other and … Read entire article »

It’s All About the Fruit-Part II

Last week I talked about the fruit we produce. We saw that everyone produces some kind of fruit, good or bad, and that it is evident to those around us which crop we are growing. This week I am going to go through that same passage and look at each individual fruit or work of the flesh and what it means. So many times we skim over a passage and tell ourselves that we have no problem with the sin or that we are producing the good fruit. In actuality we might find that we aren’t the husbandmen that we should be. Let’s turn again to Galatians chapter five and see what God has for … Read entire article »

It’s all about the Fruit

          Winter time has me thinking about the farm. I spend the cold, wet days looking at seed catalogs and planning improvements for the garden. In my lifetime there is one thing that I have always wanted and that is an orchard. When I was young my father had a farm with a large variety of fruit trees. We had peach, apple, plum and pear trees. There was a large pecan grove there too and always something fresh to eat. On my small farm here I planted fruit trees six to seven years ago and they have all just now begun to bear fruit. There is a lot of maintenance with … Read entire article »

Straddling the Fence

          Angie and I had an interesting discussion this afternoon about people we know who are living with the Devil at the wheel and yet believe they are going to heaven. Their lives are no different than anyone else in the world and they are lead by their flesh. At some time in their life they made a statement that they wanted to live for God. Then, it seems that they slid over to the other side. This week I’m going to talk about fence straddlers.  As a shepherd it is my duty to provide food for my sheep. A few years ago, just after we had moved here we had … Read entire article »

Waiting on Doors

  This is the third message in a series on the meat of the Word of God. In 1st Corinthians 3 Paul told the church at Corinth that they were still on the milk. In Hebrews 5:12 the writer said that those who should have been teaching someone else were still having to be taught themselves and therefore were still on the milk of the Word. Through the years I have experienced many things in my own growth in Christ. I’ve made lots of mistakes and learned from them. I also watched many around me make erroneous decisions and suffer the consequences. I am a great observer of people. I listen to what they are saying … Read entire article »

Tough Meat

  Thank you for joining us again this week for our HomeChurch service. I began a message last week in which I began to talk about the meat of the gospel. We looked at passages that state that after a certain point in Christian maturity we ought to move on to the meat of the Word. This week I want to talk about something that is a little hard to swallow but necessary for us to accept. The subject this week is suffering. We are going to look at some scriptures that talk about suffering and God’s character. We will look at Godly people who have suffered.  In fact, Christians often suffer in ways that the … Read entire article »

Time for the Meat!

As a Homeschooling family we had the great opportunity to be a part of our children’s education. Many years ago our family started having geography dinners to teach our children about other cultures. Each month a new country was chosen to study. At the end of that month we met with other families in our group and had a meal with food from that country. Recipes had to be something common to their culture. Everyone also had to dress in the traditional clothing for that country. During the evening each child had to give a song, dance, present a skill or read a report about something pertaining to that area of the world. Then at … Read entire article »

When Passion Fades

Looking back over my own life I think about all of the things that I was passionate about. Through the years I’ve had quite a few hobbies and interests and they were the most important thing I ever involved myself with—at the time. Then something else captured my attention and I lost interest in those things. That is the problem with passions; they fade. Sadly, we not only let simple hobbies fade in our lives but also the really important things like God, family, friends and moral values. I have noticed that churches often try to “schedule” revivals with a guest speaker. I always observe the people who come out of those churches and have … Read entire article »

The Big Ten

            I was asked to talk about the Ten Commandments recently and to give a break down of each one. There are a lot of people who don’t like rules and they particularly dislike these since they were given by a God that they do not know.  When God created the world there were no written rules in place. It was His intention to have a personal relationship with each person and there would be spiritual communications taking place daily. When Adam fell and was banished from the Garden he went out and lived as best as he could. His descendants married (each other) and multiplied. With no laws they lived as each one pleased. … Read entire article »

You are the Salt

I was reading in Job this past week and chuckled at the verse in chapter 6 verse 6. Job says, “Can that which is unsavory be eaten without salt? Or is there any taste in the white of an egg?” When I read this I was very amused at the thought. Job is giving a rebuttal to his first “friend” who has just tried to explain Job’s suffering. Eliphaz has been explaining to Job that suffering comes only because of a broken relationship with God and that Job must be in sin. Job states that there are some things in life that are intolerable and unpalatable without seasoning. Eliphaz stated some things that were very true. … Read entire article »

The Church-The Body of Christ-Part II

  In last week’s message I talked about the Church’s formation. I covered the original meeting place for God’s people (the Tabernacle) and how that it was a type of the Christian in that it was mobile and went where the Spirit led by the pillar of fire and cloud. I discussed the fact that this was indicative of the New Covenant and the way that God put His laws in our hearts. In the New Testament we saw that the early Church began to meet in the Jewish Synagogues but were quickly stopped by the Jews. Then they primarily met in homes. This does not mean that it is wrong for Christians to meet in … Read entire article »

The Church-The Body of Christ

Today I want to cover some aspects of the Christian Church and look at what it is and what it is not. If you look this up in the Dictionary there are several definitions for the word Church. These include a building for public Christian worship, a religious service in such a building, the worldwide body of Christian believers, a Christian denomination, and organized religion as distinguished from the state. For clarity today I am speaking about the third definition; the worldwide body of Christian believers. Before Jesus went back to His Father’s side He gave a call to His disciples to go into all the world and to preach the Gospel, baptizing those who … Read entire article »

God’s Plan for a Happy Home-Part V

Up until now we’ve examined the relationship of husbands and wives in the structure of the home. I would now like to examine scriptures regarding the children in the family. It is important for them to understand that their actions can cause strife in a home or can bring peace. Some people may be surprised to find out that God gives children rules to follow since younger children may not be old enough to understand. If they are too young to grasp the Bible it is the parent’s responsibility to train them so that they can understand. Let’s look at training children first and see what God says. While some families may not be able to … Read entire article »